Germany and the Nordics in a new security landscape

Evenemang The Nordic countries frequent the rankings of stability, wealth and quality of life, but their geographical region is finding itself the subject of new geopolitical tensions. Russia’s annexation of Crimea and undermining of Ukraine’s sovereignty have repercussions for the security policy of all Nordic countries, from the Baltic to the High North. While the US has sent mixed signals about the liberal order and European security, and the UK is preparing its withdrawal from the EU, Germany is reinforcing its commitment to European integration and a rules-based order. In these turbulent times, the Nordics and Germany have a joint interest in preserving stability in our region as well as protecting the liberal order that forms the basis of the success of the open countries of the North. Considering this, how could cooperation between the Nordics and Germany be developed? What scope for cooperation can be found in Europe’s new security landscape? And how can the rules based liberal and democratic order be protected in times when globalization and interdependence is challenged by great power rivalry and surging nationalism? Keynote speaker: Audun Halvorsen, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Special guests: Constanze Stelzenmüller, Robert Bosch Senior Fellow, Center on the United States and Europe, Brookings Institution, Washington D.C. Matthias Jopp, Director, Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin Comments: H.E. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth, Ambassador of Germany to Sweden René Nyberg, former Ambassador, Finland Krister Bringéus, Ambassador, Sweden Public discussion Moderator: Mats Karlsson, Director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) This seminar is arranged jointly with the Norwegian Embassy. Welcome!  


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