UI Publications

UI publications are UI Papers, UI Briefs, and UI Reports. The views expressed in these publications are those of the authors. The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) is an independent institute and does not express opinions of its own.

UI Papers are working papers and similar manuscripts reporting the results of research related to UI’s focus areas. UI Papers are written by UI researchers, visiting researchers, or other researchers wishing to publish with UI (authors are occasionally invited based on their international profile and research reputation). UI Papers enable researchers to publish and register the results of research projects fairly swiftly while retaining the rights to publish in other outlets if so desired. Research quality, readability, and relevance are the main criteria for publication. UI Papers may also include in-depth policy analyses, which are rigorously researched but less ambitious in terms of theory and scientific methodology. 

UI Briefs are short commentaries (typically ranging from 2-10 pages) on international issues, events or trends related to UI’s focus areas. They are written by UI staff, UI visiting researchers, or other researchers associated with UI. UI Briefs do not require adherence to strict academic conventions (thus, the traditional ‘essay’ or the journalistic ‘opinion-editorial’, and the policy-oriented ‘policy brief’ fits in this category). References and footnotes are typically rare in UI Briefs. Relevance and readability are the main criteria for publication.

UI Reports are typically papers of a non-academic kind. They are written without the requirements typically placed on academic papers. The authors of UI Reports are experts in fields that are of interest to UI. The analysis presented in an UI Report covers aspects typically not covered by other UI publications. High-quality conference reports may also be published within the series UI Reports.





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