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Research is the cornerstone of UI. It is characterized by its societal relevance and issues of importance for the Swedish foreign and security policy debate.

The high scientific quality of our research forms the basis for its societal relevance. UI researchers successfully publish in scientific outlets and receive external funding. They regularly comment on current affairs in media, hold public lectures, and write op-eds and expert opinions for UI and other media channels. UI researchers continuously cooperate with researchers and analysts at other institutes, universities and colleges, as well as with organizations, decision-makers, authorities and businesses - in Sweden and internationally. 

UI research looks at international relations, foreign policy, defense and security, global governance, globalization, democracy, and development. There are three geographic programmes, on Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. There is also a programme for global politics and security which conducts research on international relations, particularly international security policy. Two new knowledge centres are currently being established at UI, Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) and Swedish National China Centre.

Shorter publications include UI Papers, UI Briefs and UI Reports. 


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