Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the institute includes Log In information, purchase of a product and or/seminar ticket, copyrights as well as information about Languiden, our country database.


To complete your order/registration, you must accept the present General Terms and Conditions of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

UI reserves all rights and has no liability in respect of lack of stocks, delays, technical problems, postponement of publication dates and incorrect information in any article.

Prices and payments

The prices of our products are stated in Swedish kronor with the statutory value added tax (VAT) included.

When buying from ui.se, customers are shown the purchase options for the selected products and which additional charges (invoicing charge and delivery charge) apply. In collaboration with Payex, we offer a credit card payment facility. The due payment date of invoices is 30 days after issue. Where payment is late, UI is entitled to charge the statutory interest on overdue payment and, where relevant, block the Customer’s access to UI’s services until such time that full payment has been made.

Subscriptions are always limited duration and to be paid for in advance at the price stated in the order acknowledgement or, where relevant, the invoice. The length of a subscription and the number of paid for issues are stated on the order acknowledgement. The Customer is responsible for paying subscription charges up until expiry of the subscription in question.

The subscription price applies for the subscription period in question. For each new period, UI is entitled to adjust the price and, on the invoice, state the price for the upcoming period.

It is important that you, as a customer, check that your order confirmation matches your purchase. If there is an error, contact Customer Service within 14 days: info@ui.se.

An extension invoice is sent out on the expiry of a subscription. Paying this invoice extends your subscription. Not paying this extension invoice terminates your subscription.

Minors (children under the age of 18) may not make a purchase without the guardian’s consent.


Physical products are sent by ordinary post and the delivery time is usually 3 to 5 working days after payment has been received. Digital services are delivered by email within 24 hours. Quoted delivery times are based on weekdays that are not public holidays.

Cancellation (cooling-off period) and return

As a customer, you are entitled, in accordance with Sweden’s Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts, to cancel your purchase within 14 days of your reception of the product. You must pay all charges for returning your purchase. Downloadable products are not covered by the right to cancel, as their nature does not allow return.

Contract period, notice of termination, etc.

Subscriptions run for the contract period stated on the order confirmation or, where relevant, the invoice. Each subscription is for the upcoming contract period and a voluntary extension is offered at the end of the subscription. On signing a contract, that contract’s terms and conditions in respect of notice of termination apply. If the Customer is in breach of its contractual undertakings, UI is entitled to terminate any subscription with immediate effect.

Changes and conditions to the General Terms and Conditions are published on UI’s website and come into force three (3) weeks after the publication date of said changes and additions. By continuing to use any of UI’s services after this point of time, the Customer accepts said changes and additions.

To terminate a current subscription, the Customer is to contact info@ui.se. When a current/ongoing subscription is cancelled, no repayment is made in respect of any outstanding part of the subscription.

Terms and conditions of membership

Membership is personal and runs as of the stated start date and for the period to which the Member has committed. An organisation membership covers the people notified to UI by the person who, at the member organisation, is responsible for said notification.

UI cannot always guarantee a Member a place at arranged events.

The Member’s responsibilities
The Member undertakes:
1.) To always state his/her membership when registering.

2.) To immediately inform UI of conditions that change the Member’s right to be a member or to enjoy other special membership benefits.

Terms and conditions for all participants at seminars
The participant undertakes:

  • To notify withdrawal in good time if unable to attend. The terms and conditions for said withdrawal are stated on the confirmation.
  • To arrive in good time at the seminar (for registration). If registration has not taken place five minutes before the seminar starts, the place will be offered to another person.
  • To follow the applicable safety and conduct rules.
  • To follow the instructions given by UI personnel.
  • To respect moderator and panel participants throughout any seminar.

UI’s personnel are entitled to turn away individuals who, at events and seminars, do not follow the above rules.

No seminar participant has the right to hand out any material that has not been approved by UI in advance.

Login details

The Customer/Member has sole responsibility for his or her login details. These details must not be used in an inappropriate way or disclosed to people who are not authorised to have access to said details.


UI reserves all intellectual property rights in the content on ui.se, ui.se/english, Utrikesmagasinet, Landguiden, Världspolitikens Dagsfrågor, Länder i Fickformat, UI Papers and UI Briefs. Said material is, amongst other things, protected by copyright law and, in the absence of UI’s written consent, may not be republished, made available or reproduced physically, digitally or in any other way whatsoever. This also applies to protected compilations of facts and statistics as well as to link lists. The User must not, amongst other things:

a) use the aforementioned protected information or details in compiling own or third-party databases or transfer the information/details into a machine-readable form or similar, or
b) physically, digitally or in any other way whatsoever produce examples, publish or make available said information or details.

For use of data from Landguiden or ui.se in the development of any software program including training a machine learning system, a specific agreement must be signed. Contact info@ui.se for further information.

Notwithstanding the above, the Customer is entitled to quote from the material (with UI’s material as the source) provided that the Customer respects good practice and quotation is to the extent that is reasonable for the purpose in question. The Customer is also entitled to use the materials for its own internal and private use. However, commercial further use of the material always requires UI’s written consent. Where the Customer is uncertain how it may use the material, the Customer is welcome to contact UI.

Where the Customer is not a private person, the Customer undertakes to ensure that all members of the Customer’s personnel are informed of the content of these General Terms and Conditions.

The Customer undertakes that, if and when it becomes aware of unlawful use of UI’s materials, texts, images or any other information and/or details, it will immediately inform UI of this.

The Customer is responsible for all damage suffered by UI as a result of unauthorised access or use of any of UI’s services/products, where said access or use is attributable to the Customer.

Privacy Policy

What is personal data and why we collect it

Personal data is information that allows a living individual to be identified. Examples of such information are names, addresses or email addresses. UI does not collect sensitive data from its customers, such as religious or political views or health data.

In order to fulfil an agreement with you, e.g., if you purchased something through  UI or if you are interested in our seminars or newsletters, UI needs to collect data so that we can provide this service or product. All of your personal data is stored lawfully and we never collect more data about you than what we actually need to fulfil our commitments to you as a customer. 

We may also use your personal data for marketing or to offer you products we think you may be interested in. However, you may at any time require us to cease direct marketing to you, which you can do by contacting us at UI.

What data does UI collect?

We collect the following data:

  • Personal data and contact details (name, address, email address, and telephone number), employer, login information for ui.se, IP addresses.
  • Data about your purchase.
  • Data about which seminars you participated in.

How long does UI store your data?

UI stores your data as long as we have an ongoing relationship, i.e. until a product or service has been delivered. We may also keep the data for a period after this relationship has been terminated in order to offer other products or services that we think you may be interested in. UI may also store your data for an extended period in cases where this is required by other legislation, e.g., for accounting purposes or if it is required for us to be able to defend our legal interests in an ongoing legal process.

Does UI disclose the data to any other party?

In order for us to deliver the product or service you ordered, UI may have to transmit your personal data to subcontractors or to a non-EU (European Union) actor, e.g., via digital mailing tools. If this is done, UI is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is protected. We may also disclose your data, if compulsory legislation exists about this, e.g., to an authority. UI never sells your data to a third party.

Your Rights

You have a right to request access to what data is stored about you at UI. We will disclose this data within one month from the date on which you submitted your request. This period may be extended by up to two months if there are grounds for this; UI is then responsible for informing you of this. The data will be provided to you free of charge, but if a request is complicated or otherwise time consuming, UI may charge a small administrative fee. In some cases, UI may refuse to provide the data.

If you are no longer interested in UI’s products and services, you also have the right to request that we cease all storage of your personal data; if this happens, you will be completely erased from our records (unless compelling reasons exist due to other legislation).

You also have the right to request rectification of any incorrect data about you or have your data erased (“the right to be forgotten”). You also have the right to require your personal data to be transferred from UI to another company, authority or organisation (“right to data portability”); this right is limited to the data you have provided to us.

If you, as a data subject, believe that UI does not meet these requirements, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the authority responsible for UI’s compliance with the law. In this case, the supervisory authority is the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY).


This text may be updated. The most recent version is always available on ui.se.

Limitation of liability

UI provides its services and products “as are”. UI is not responsible for details in the material it provides being correct, relevant and complete. UI’s material may contain links to other websites. UI has no control over such websites and thus has no responsibility for these or for any damage the Customer may suffer from the Customer using or relying on these.

UI does not guarantee that UI’s websites/services are fault-free, that they will be functional all the time or that they will not be affected by disruptions and technical problems. Consequently, the availability of UI’s websites/services cannot be guaranteed. Server maintenance and unforeseen events can, for example, entail that it will not always be possible to use the websites/services. Nor does UI guarantee that the websites/services are safe and free from viruses, etc. UI does, of course, attempt to remedy such problems as rapidly as possible, but it has no responsibility for any damage that you may suffer during this period. UI does not reimburse any costs or any form of damage that the Customer incurs as a result of using any of UI’s services or products.

UI is liable only for direct damage and only where such damage has been caused by it or its employees intentionally or through gross negligence. Furthermore, liability for damage is limited to a maximum sum equivalent to the charges the Customer has paid for access to UI’s websites/services over the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the point of time at which the Customer first lodged its claim. UI is never liable for any other form of damage (e.g. indirect damage, loss of profit, loss of data and unforeseen damage).

In order not to lose its right to reimbursement, the Customer shall lodge its claim in writing, stating the grounds of the claim, without delay and no later than three (3) months from the day on which the grounds were discovered or
should have been discovered and, in all cases, no later than three (3) months after the end of any service in respect of which a claim is made.

Messages and contact details

Information to the Customer about changed/additional terms and conditions is given primarily via UI’s websites or, where relevant, via the email address the Customer notified to UI.


UI is entitled to transfer its rights and duties under the present legal relationship without the Customer’s consent.


UI’s failure to exercise any right under these General Terms and Conditions, or failure to cite in its support any particulars referable to the General terms and Conditions, shall not mean that UI has lost its rights in such respects.


Should any provision in these General Terms and Conditions be found to be invalid, it shall not mean that all the provisions are invalid. Instead, the Parties’ intentions behind any invalid provision shall be considered and a reasonable adjustment found.

Applicable law and disputes

Swedish law applies to these General Terms and Conditions.

Any dispute between UI and the Customer shall be decided by a Swedish court with Stockholm district court being the court of first instance.

Special Terms and Conditions for Landguiden

UI is the owner and holder of Landguiden.se, a country database. Landguiden is a paid service, available solely on the internet.

These Special Terms and Conditions apply to agreements between UI and any Customer who has a subscription for access to Landguiden.

Landguiden’s Special Terms and Conditions are a part of UI’s General Terms and Conditions. Said terms and conditions are accepted together.

In connection with its subscription request, the Customer undertakes to give correct details about who the Customer is (name and contact details included therein), and/or other details that UI requests in connection with the subscription request, and shall keep these up-to-date throughout the currency of the subscription.

The Service

Landguiden is offered via various types of subscription. The subscription type covered by the Customer’s contract is stated in the order confirmation or, where relevant, the subscription request.

Landguiden is available via the internet. Access is via a web interface with a user identity that gives access to Landguiden.

When a subscription contract has been entered into, the Customer gains access to Landguiden either by logging in with a user name and password or via a so-called “IP login”.

When a subscription has been entered into, the Customer receives one or, where relevant, several user names with associated passwords that can be used to log in and gain access to Landguiden. The Customer undertakes to handle these details confidentially and thus not disclose user names and passwords to any third party. User name and password may only be used in compliance with the chosen subscription form and not for any activity, or by any organisation, other than the Customer’s own.

Connection for the Customer can also be arranged by one or more IP addresses being linked to each user name. The Customer is itself responsible for providing UI with the necessary details. When connecting using an IP address, the registered IP address may only be used in compliance with the chosen subscription form and not for any activity, or by any organisation, other than the Customer’s own. In certain circumstances, the Customer can here give its users access to Landguiden via a remote login and a special subscription form. This is done either via a link to Landguiden being added, at the Customer’s premises, to a login protected web page, or by logging in using a library card at a library in any municipality that has a municipal contract for the service. However, any Customer who wants remote login must get special consent from UI.

Regard being had to the chosen subscription form, the Customer has sole responsibility for all use of Landguiden that occurs using the Customer’s authorisation.

The Customer must itself bear the cost of, and be responsible for, the equipment and internet access necessary for the Customer to have access to Landguiden. UI is thus not responsible for the Customer’s communication equipment and/or hardware and software.

Landguiden is regulated through GDPR, see Privacy Policy above.


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