Vicky Karyoti

Vicky Karyoti


Dr. Vicky Karyoti is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at The Europe Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Vicky belongs to the Special Research Programme for International Studies (SFP). Her research interests are new and emergent technologies, defence alliances, international security and international law, military professionalism and culture.

Her research at UI focuses on NATO’s technological interoperability and future of defence cooperation, as states develop and acquire AI-based systems in their armed forces. Her past research examined the internal social hierarchy, cohesion, and culture of the military profession, as well as the history of the impact of the introduction of new technologies and organizational configurations in the armed forces. She has also published on EU’s Strategic Autonomy and Greece’s position.

Selected publications

  • Vicky Karyoti. (2022). Drones and their Pilots: Technologies & Social Hierarchies in the French Air and Space Force. Vortex No3. 79-91.
  • Vicky Karyoti. (2023). Shared Values and Common Borders: How Greece views ESA as an opportunity. In In the Shadow of Power: Small States’ Perspectives on the European Strategic Autonomy. Ed. Giedrius Česnakas, Justinas Juozaitis. Routledge.

Areas of expertise

New technologies, international security, war studies, alliances, military sociology.


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