The Special Research Programme for International Studies

The Special Research Programme for International Studies

Since 1993, UI has hosted the Special Research Programme for International Studies (SFP), which has financed over 70 younger scholars. Within the framework of SFP, research is conducted on international studies and international security politics. The programme primarily targets post-doctoral scholars who are at the beginning of their career. The researchers are normally hired by UI for two to three years.

Research conducted within the SFP satisfies high requirements of scientific quality and covers various areas of research within the broader field of international studies. The research contributes to UI's general mission and strengthens its research environment. SFP researchers publish in international outlets as well as within the institute’s own series, UI publications, and broaden the institutes networks with Swedish and foreign universities and institutes. SFP researchers also take part in UI's seminars and podcast Utblick. Several of the researchers have also carried out analysis on behalf of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs within the framework of their research competence.

The career development for SFP researchers has been impressive – alumni can be foundat universities, foreign administration, and other public and private authorities with a foreign affairs profile, amongst other places. The programme is financed by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and is led by a Programme Board consisting of representatives from universities, research institutes, the Swedish foreign administration, and UI. The board members are elected by the Swedish government (specifically, the government offices) after consultations with UI, and are tasked with following up the programme’s operation, evaluating its quality, and making decisions on the recruitment of new SFP researchers.

The operation has been evaluated externally twice. These evaluations have shown clearly that the SFP research reflects excellent quality and wide relevance. The quantity of completed projects is extraordinarily high and the researchers are particularly productive.


Calls for applications are published on the Vacancies page.


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