Global Politics and Security

UI's Global Politics and Security programme focuses on a range of issues in global political economy, governance and security.

People and communities in different parts of the world are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The global and transboundary nature of this development raises new questions about power and influence of state and non-state actors, and about forms of cooperation and decision-making procedures within regional and transnational institutions and frameworks. 

Against this backdrop, the programme studies energy and climate change, transnational security, cyber security, global economy, and the development in the global South in a time of an ongoing power shift from "the West" to "East" and "South".

The global development and security agendas are increasingly becoming interwoven. Thus, a central theme of the programme is also the links between human security and development. Here, for example, peace-building in post-conflict countries and reconciliation processes are studied. In addition, the programme touches upon issues related to human rights, diplomacy, and international law.

Focus areas:

Global political economy and development
With a focus on economic relations between the global North and the global South, as well as climate change and energy issues.

Global governance
With a focus on global institutional and regulatory frameworks and non-state actors' influence.

Global Security
With a focus on transnational security threats, humanitarian intervention, war, critical geopolitics, cyber security, and reconciliation processes.

The programme produces research-driven publications. These include books, expert opinions, policy-oriented papers and articles in academic journals. Opinion pieces and commentaries are published in Swedish and international press. In addition to an extensive scientific production, the research findings are thus available to policy makers and the general public, in Sweden and 

Partnerships and cooperations:
Building on our Institute’s history as a venue for research and practice, the programme welcomes partnerships and cooperation with researchers, institutes, organizations and companies interested in the region. We regularly host foreign guest researchers and welcome delegations. 

The Global Politics and Security programme is grateful to the following organizations and establishments for their support:

•School of Global Studies (SGS), Gothenburg University
•Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

The programme seeks support from organizations which recognize the importance of independent policy-focused research that informs decision-making through deepening understanding of political and economic developments.


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