Emma Rosengren

Emma Rosengren

Research Fellow

Emma Rosengren is a Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs’ Programme for Global Politics and Security (GPS).

Emma’s research concerns gender, national identity and security in international relations, with special focus on historical and contemporary Swedish foreign- and security policy. Her research at the GPS program is focused on Finland’s and Sweden’s relations with NATO in the post-Cold War period. She is also an associated researcher at the Hans Blix Center for the History of International Relations at Stockholm University.

Emma defended her dissertation in International Relations at Stockholm University in 2020. Since then, she stayed as a researcher and lecturer at Stockholm university until joining UI in September 2023. Emma is a guest lecturer at the Swedish Defense University, and has been guest researcher at Stanford University.

Emmas publications include Gendering Nuclear Disarmament. Identity and Disarmament in Sweden during the Cold War (Stockholm university, 2020), Gendering Sweden’s nuclear renunciation: a historical analysis published in International Affairs (2022) and Alva Myrdal and Disarmament in a Man’s World, in Alva Myrdal: A Pioneer in Nuclear Disarmament edited by Peter Wallensteen och Armend Bekaj (Springer 2022). 

Areas of expertise
Gender, national identity, nuclear disarmament, Swedish foreign- and security policy.


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