Whistleblowing - reporting wrongdoings

Wrongdoings can occur in all organisations, despite efforts to prevent them. On this page, you can read about the possibilities that exist for raising the alarm in the event that wrongdoings are perceived at UI (‘whistleblowing’) and about how the reports are treated in a professional and confidential manner.

What can be reported?

The whistleblowing is to refer to wrongdoings that have occurred or are highly likely to occur in the activities in which the reporting person is/has been/may in future be involved or in other activities with which the reporting person is in contact or has come into contact through their work.

There must be a public interest in the disclosure of the reported wrongdoings or the wrongdoings must be breaches of EU law. (The Whistleblower Act does not apply to activities classified as secret or information concerning national security.)

Whistleblower protection does not normally cover an employee’s grievances concerning their own working conditions and terms of employment.

To be covered by whistleblower protection, the whistleblower must have had reasonable cause to believe that the information about the wrongdoings was true at the time of reporting.

How can it be reported?

The following officers are responsible for receiving reports of wrongdoings in accordance with Chapter 5, Section 5 of the Whistleblower Act:

Monica Haglund, Head of Administration. Tel.: +46 851176810. E-mail: monica.haglund@ui.se.
Postal address: Monica Haglund, Utrikespolitiska institutet, Box 27035, 102 51 Stockholm.

Helena Berger, Human Resources Manager. Tel.: +46 765519266. E-mail: helena.berger@ui.se.
Postal address: Helena Berger, Utrikespolitiska institutet, Box 27035, 102 51 Stockholm.

If the officer responsible for receiving reports is directly involved in what is being reported, a report may instead be sent to the most senior operations manager:

Jakob Hallgren, Director. Tel.: +46 851176802. E-mail: jakob.hallgren@ui.se.
Postal address: Jakob Hallgren, Utrikespolitiska institutet, Box 27035, 102 51 Stockholm.

Reports can also be sent to the following email address: whistleblower@ui.se.

If a whistleblower wishes to remain anonymous when reporting via email, they should create an email address that conceals their identity, such as outlook.com, icloud.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com or similar. UI does not have the technical ability to trace such email senders and will also refrain in other regards from seeking to identify the whistleblower if they wish to remain anonymous (given, of course, that the whistleblower is covered by the protection of the Whistleblower Act).

UI may need to ask the whistleblower additional questions while investigating the case. When reporting, the whistleblower should state whether or not they are available for such questions. The whistleblower should also state whether or not they would like to receive feedback on any measures taken and the reasons for these.

How will the reports be treated?

All reports received will be shared with the board.

UI will ensure that the reported wrongdoing is investigated with the necessary level of discretion and the appropriate protection of the personal data involved in the case. If it is considered that the investigation would be better dealt with by an external party – for example, in the event of conflicts of interest, for reasons of credibility or because expert knowledge is required – such a party will be engaged for the task.

UI will decide which measures should be taken on the basis of the investigation results. The whistleblower will receive feedback on the measures taken and the reasons for these if they can be contacted and wish to receive such feedback.

External reporting

In the event of external reporting, the competent authorities have reporting channels on their websites that can be used. The following authorities are competent authorities for UI’s activities:


UI’s Whistleblower Policy is available in full here.


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