Privacy Policy

At the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), we care about and protect our customers’ privacy. Here we give you an overview of how we store and process your personal data. It is important that you read this before using any of our services; for questions, please contact us at

What is personal data and why do we collect it?

Personal data is information that allows a living individual to be identified. Examples of such information are names, addresses or email addresses. UI does not collect sensitive data from its customers, such as religious or political views or health data.

In order to fulfil an agreement with you, e.g., if you purchased something through  UI or if you are interested in our seminars or newsletters, UI needs to collect data so that we can provide this service or product. All of your personal data is stored lawfully and we never collect more data about you than what we actually need to fulfil our commitments to you as a customer. 

We may also use your personal data for marketing or to offer you products we think you may be interested in. However, you may at any time require us to cease direct marketing to you, which you can do by contacting us at UI.

What data does UI collect?

We collect the following data:

  • Personal data and contact details (name, address, email address, and telephone number), employer, login information for, IP addresses.
  • Data about your purchase.
  • Data about which seminars you participated in.

How long does UI store your data?

UI stores your data as long as we have an ongoing relationship, i.e. until a product or service has been delivered. We may also keep the data for a period after this relationship has been terminated in order to offer other products or services that we think you may be interested in. UI may also store your data for an extended period in cases where this is required by other legislation, e.g., for accounting purposes or if it is required for us to be able to defend our legal interests in an ongoing legal process.

Does UI disclose the data to any other party?

In order for us to deliver the product or service you ordered, UI may have to transmit your personal data to subcontractors or to a non-EU (European Union) actor, e.g., via digital mailing tools. If this is done, UI is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is protected. We may also disclose your data, if compulsory legislation exists about this, e.g., to an authority. UI never sells your data to a third party.

Your Rights

You have a right to request access to what data is stored about you at UI. We will disclose this data within one month from the date on which you submitted your request. This period may be extended by up to two months if there are grounds for this; UI is then responsible for informing you of this. The data will be provided to you free of charge, but if a request is complicated or otherwise time consuming, UI may charge a small administrative fee. In some cases, UI may refuse to provide the data.

If you are no longer interested in UI’s products and services, you also have the right to request that we cease all storage of your personal data; if this happens, you will be completely erased from our records (unless compelling reasons exist due to other legislation).

You also have the right to request rectification of any incorrect data about you or have your data erased (“the right to be forgotten”). You also have the right to require your personal data to be transferred from UI to another company, authority or organisation (“right to data portability”); this right is limited to the data you have provided to us.

If you, as a data subject, believe that UI does not meet these requirements, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the authority responsible for UI’s compliance with the law. In this case, the supervisory authority is the Swedish Data Protection Agency.


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