The UI Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Michael Sohlman 
Director of the Budget, Ministry of Finance, Under-Secretary of State at the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs (1982-91), and Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation(1992-2011). Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Agneta Dreber 
is Former Vice Mayor of Stockholm (1988-91), former Director General of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health (1992-93) and now heads the Inquiry Chair of the Review of the Swedish Public Employment Service for the Swedish Government. Dreber is also the Chair of the Health Care Service in the Stockholm County Council (since 2009) and is on the Board of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). She graduated from Frontier High School, Hamburg, NY, holds a Master´s degree from the SSE, and a BA in Russian and English from the University of Stockholm.

Ove Joanson
is a journalist and media executive. He is Chairman of the Swedish Public Broadcasting Trust, the owner of Sweden's three public service broadcasting companies. He was Director General/CEO (1984-96) and Chairman of the Board of Swedish Broadcasting Co. (Sveriges Radio AB) (2003-10). Today, Joanson chairs The European Journalism Centre in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and is a Senator of the European Cultural Parliament in Berlin. A former journalist, foreign correspondent and diplomat, Ove Joanson founded the daily newspaper "20 Minutes" in Switzerland in 1998 and as CEO launched this newspaper in several European countries.
Rutger Lindahl 
is senior professor in Political Science, University of Gothenburg. Former Director of The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (1992-1995) and of The Centre for European Research at University of Gothenburg (1995-2005). His research is primarily focused on International Relations and European Integration, especially the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.

Marie Söderberg 
is the Director of the European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics. She is also a Professor of Japanese Studies at Stockholm University. Söderberg is the senior editor of the European Institute of Japanese Studies, East Asian Economics and Business Studies, a book series published by Routledge in London and New York. She is also the chairperson of EJARN's (European Japan Advanced Research Network) executive committee.

Jonas Tallberg
Professor at Department of Political Science at Stockholm University.

Annika Winsth
Head economist at Nordea.

The board also includes the director of UI, and staff representatives Lena Karlsson, editor, and
Anna-Karin Jonsson, Programme Manager at UI.

The parent body of UI is Utrikespolitiska samfundet (The Swedish Society for International Affairs), a non-profit organization. The society consists of some 300 recognized experts on foreign affairs and international relations, appointed for an indefinite time.

At its annual meeting, Utrikespolitiska samfundet reviews and decides on UI's activities and finances, and elects the respective boards of directors of UI and Utrikespolitiska samfundet.

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