The UI Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Marie Söderberg, Chairman of the Board
  • Agneta Dreber, Deputy Chairman of the Board
  • Marie Cronqvist, Associate Professor
  • Johan Eriksson, Professor 
  • Ove Joanson, Journalist and Chairman of the Swedish Public Broadcasting Trust
  • Julius Liljeström, Assistant under-secretary
  • Isabell Schierenbeck, Professor 
  • Annika Winsth, Chief Economist Nordea

The board also includes the Director of UI, Christer Ahlström and staff representatives Ylva Lindahl and Rouzbeh Parsi.

The parent body of UI is Utrikespolitiska samfundet (The Swedish Society for International Affairs), a non-profit organization. The society consists of some 300 recognized experts on foreign affairs and international relations, appointed for an indefinite time.

At its annual meeting, Utrikespolitiska samfundet reviews and decides on UI's activities and finances, and elects the respective boards of directors of UI and Utrikespolitiska samfundet.

Members of Utrikespolitiska samfundet 2019


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