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On our new website www.ui.se you will need a user account to use our services, for example register for a seminar, to make a purchase or to log in to Landguiden, our country database.

If you have visited us before, we may already have your email address but you still need to register a new as we have a new system. To check if we already have your email adress in our system see one of the following options below:

You are already a member but a first time visitor to our new website and new system:

You will need a new password when you visit our new webbsite. Enter the email address that you have used previously when in contact with us and then click on forgot your password. A new password will then be sent to your email address, which you then use to log in with.

Click here to get to Forgot Your Password.

Please note that it is important that you use the same email address that your membership is associated with to link this to your user account.

You are a member through the organization or company you work for

If you are a member through a company or organization, you need to log in using your personal email address. To see if you are a member you need to request a new password. Under “My Pages”, you can see if your membership is registered under “Subscriptions”.

Contact Customer Service if membership is missing or if your personal email address needs to be linked to the organization's membership. As an individual, you can not use the company's or organization's info mail to register for our seminars.  You need to enter a private and unique email address.

You have attended our seminars or have previously contacted us

If you are not a member but have attended any of our seminars, made a purchase, or subscribed to our newsletter, your email address may be registered with us. Check this by entering your email address and clicking on forgot your password. If your email address is registered, a new password will be sent to your email, which you use to log in.

Click here to get directly to forgot your password.

New user

You have never been in contact with us through seminars or memberships and you need to register as a new user.

Click here to register as a new user

Forgot your password?

If you are a registered user through any of the above options, but forgot your password, you can click here. A new password will be sent to the email address you provided when registering.


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