Rules for leaving comments in UI’s social media channels

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) wants to have an open debate climate in its social media channels. Our aim is for discussions in our comments sections to have a pleasant tone and for everyone who wants to join the discussion to feel welcome to do so. This is why we have rules that everyone must abide by when leaving comments.

We do not allow hateful comments

We will delete comments containing the following:

  • Hatred and threats
  • Racism and xenophobia
  • Derogatory wording
  • Personal attacks
  • Agitation against a population group

Comments must stick to the subject of the thread

Comments must stick to the subject that the post is about and may be deleted otherwise.

Source references

So that discussions on social media are as objective and constructive as possible, we would like statements to be backed up by facts and sources, for example in the form of a link to the source. However, we do not permit comments containing links, pictures or videos that are not relevant to the context and we may remove these.

We do not allow campaigning or spam

Our comments sections are a place for dialogue and it is fine to express personal political opinions there. But it is not permitted to use the comments sections for campaigning about commercial or political messages. Nor do we allow spam and we may remove comments that are posted repeatedly.

If the rules are not followed

Comments that are in breach of our rules may be concealed or deleted. Users who break our commenting rules on repeated occasions may be blocked. Comments that break the law (such as threats or agitation against a population group) will be reported to the police. We handle comments on social media in accordance with the Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards (1998:112).

Contact us here or directly via social media if you see someone breaking our commenting rules. In doing so, you will help us to make our social media channels a safe place for rewarding and constructive debate.

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs processes personal data in accordance with its privacy policy. Please read our general terms and conditions for using UI’s services.


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