Yasmin Chilmeran

Yasmin Chilmeran


Dr Yasmin Chilmeran is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs’ Middle East and North Africa Programme. Her research interests are women’s civil society, women’s participation in peacebuilding, and the function of international gender frameworks in post-conflict settings, which includes the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

Her work at UI will focus on sites of women’s peacebuilding in Iraq and Syria – examining opportunities across local, national, regional and global contexts to support women’s access to, and leadership in, different forms of peacebuilding initiatives and processes.

Yasmin received her PhD in International Relations from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where she was based at the Centre for Gender, Peace and Security (GPS). Her doctoral research focused on women’s civil society participation in Iraq after 2003. Her PhD was funded through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project ‘Towards Inclusive Peace: Mapping Gender Provisions in Peace Agreements’, for which she conducted research on gender provisions in peace agreements, focussing on the MENA region.

Selected Publications:

  • Yasmin Chilmeran and Jacqui True. (2019). The Political Economy of Women’s Peacebuilding. In (ed.) Nicholas Lemay-Hebert. Handbook on Intervention and Statebuilding. Edward Elgar. 323-338.
  • Yasmin Chilmeran and Nicola Pratt. (2019). The Geopolitics of Social Reproduction and Depletion: The Case of Iraq and Palestine. Social Politics. 26(4). 586-607.
  • Columba Achilleos-Sarll and Yasmin Chilmeran. (2020). Interrogating the ‘Local’ in Women, Peace and Security: Reflections on Research on the UK and Iraq. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 22(4). 596-605.

Areas of expertise: Iraq; peacebuilding; women’s participation; civil society; post-conflict; gender and security.



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