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Andreas Umland

Andreas Umland

Associerad forskare

Andreas Umland is Associate Nonresident Researcher at the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Andreas Umland is also a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv and Principal Expert at the Program for European, Regional and Russian Studies of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future in Kyiv.

Umland holds a PhD from Cambridge, MPhil from Oxford, CertTransl from Liepzig (for full list see CV). Umland was a researcher at Stanford University, taught at the Ural State University in Yekaterinburg, University of Oxford, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Andreas Umland is the editor of the book series "Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society" and the journal "Forum of contemporary East European history and culture".

He is a member of the Boards of Trustees of the International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies, Berlin NGO “Kyiv Dialogue” and Boris Nemtsov Academic Center for the Study of Russia at Charles University of Prague

Areas of expertise:                                                                                                                

Russian and Ukrainian domestic politics, foreign affairs and nationalism; Eurasianism; comparative fascism; East European geopolitics; German Ostpolitik; post-Soviet higher education; Ukraine's decentralization; history of the USSR and German Democratic Republic.

Latest Publications:

La crise du Covid-19: un moment critique pour l'Ukraine et pour le monde (with Pavlo Klimkin), Regard sur l'est, June 2020. 

Die Corona-Krise als Wendepunkt für die Weltpolitik und dieUkrain (with Pavlo Klimkin), Portal für Politikwissenschaft 2020, June 2020. 

Ukraine’s Far Right Today - Continuing Electoral Impotence and Growing Uncivil Society, UI Breif No 3 2020, June 2020. 

How to Progress Ukraine’s Western Integration as a Prelude to Accession to the EU and NATO (with Pavlo Klimkin)  UI Paper No 4 2020, May 2020. 

The Far Right in Pre- and Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Ultra-Nationalist Party Politics to Ethno-Centric Uncivil Society, Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization Volume 28, Number 2, Spring 2020. 


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