Ukraine After the Elections

Ukraine After the Elections

Welcome to a discussion on Ukraine’s first single party majority parliament and the challenges and opportunities that now awaits Ukraine with Katya Gorchinskaya, Karina Shyrokykh and Jakob Hedenskog.

The 2019 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election was held in mid-July, approximately three months after Volodymyr Zelenskiy was elected President.  

Zelenskiy’s party, Servants of the People, won the first single party majority in modern Ukrainian history. The party gained 254 of 424 seats in the Ukrainian parliament. The election outcome indicates a desire of the Ukrainian population for political and economic change, but several unknowns remain.

What will be the outcome of Zelenskiy’s grand win? What is to be expected of Ukraine’s domestic and foreign policy?


Katya Gorchinskaya, journalist in Ukraine.
Karina Shyrokykh, analyst at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).  
Jakob Hedenskog, Researcher at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

The seminar was moderated by Martin Kragh, Head of UI’s Russia and Eurasia Programme.


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