The Future of China–Russia–India Trilateral Relations

The Future of China–Russia–India Trilateral Relations

Relations between Russia, India and China have seen several turns of tides over the last decades. Recently there have been attempts to revive trilateral forms of cooperation outside of the traditional BRICS-format. At the same time the relationship is being tested by strengthened Russia-China ties and India’s deepened cooperation with the U.S.

Will India be reluctant to step up commitments to the trilateral, if the Russia-China link grows stronger? How will China and India manage their intra-regional competition within the trilateral? How will China and Russia react to India’s Western partnerships? Clearly, how the relationship develop will have an impact on international affairs beyond Asia.

Christopher Weidacher Hsiung, Associate Fellow, UI
Samuel Bergenwall, Senior Analyst, FOI
Katarina Engberg, Senior Advisor, Sieps

Moderator: Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Research Fellow, UI




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