Who leads the EU?

Who leads the EU?

What is the status of leadership in the EU today? What role is Germany and the German-French axis playing? And is there room for Europe to take on leadership at the global level in times when US leadership is scaled down?

The European union is currently undergoing dramatic change in regards to membership, its security and defense role and the development of the monetary union. At the same time, several European leaders have equally dramatic political processes to deal with at the national level. 


Almut Möller, Head of the Berlin office together with Josef Janning, and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Affairs. Before joining ECFR she led the Europe programme at the German Council on Foreign Relations, and she has published widely on European affairs, foreign and security policy, and Germany's role in the EU. 

This seminar was part of a series coorganized by the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS) and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI). It aimed to gather key perspectives on the future of the European Union, and will result in an anthology to be published in the spring.

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