Revisiting the Chinese World Order: Soft Power and the Imperialism of Nation-states

Revisiting the Chinese World Order: Soft Power and the Imperialism of Nation-states

Open lecture at Stockholm University.

In this lecture, professor Prasenjit Duara's goal is to assess the historical significance of the imperial Chinese world order, especially during the Qing period, in relation to later forms of global imperial domination. His argument is not a historicist one suggesting that the present expansion of Chinese power and influence in the One Belt One Road policy is somehow a return to those conceptions. Rather, he suggests that there are unexpected convergences between the imperial Chinese order and the emergent global order, including what he calls the imperialism of nation-state and the role of soft power.

Prasenjit Duara is the Oscar Tang Professor of East Asian Studies and Director of the Global Asia Initiative at Duke University. He was born and educated in India and received his PhD in Chinese history from Harvard University. He was previously Professor and Chair of the Dept of History and Chair of the Committee on Chinese Studies at the University of Chicago (1991-2008). 

Michael Puett
 is the Walter C. Klein Professor of Chinese History and Anthropology, as well as the Chair of the Committee on the Study of Religion, at Harvard University. His interests are focused on the inter-relations between philosophy, anthropology, history, and religion, with the hope of bringing the study of China into larger historical and comparative frameworks. 

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This lecture is co-organised by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and the Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholm University.


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