Challenges to Democracy in South Asia

Challenges to Democracy in South Asia

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) held a seminar on democracy in conflict and post-conflict countries.

This seminar took stock of the challenges to democracy facing Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, two South Asian countries that have or are currently experiencing internal conflict and civil war.

How can insurgents be integrated into political processes nationally and locally? Which political reforms have been most crucial for making state agencies respect democratic processes? What has been the role of local business and civil society in moving from conflict to post-conflict?


Vagisha Gunasekara, Executive Director, American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies, Sri Lanka

Admir Skodo, Researcher at the Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET), Lund University

Moderator: Henrik Chetan Aspengren,  Research Fellow at the Asia Program at UI and coordinator of the UI-SASNET South Asia Initiative.


This seminar was enabled by the financial support of SIDA through Forum Syd.


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