Transatlantic Turbulence with Trump

Transatlantic Turbulence with Trump

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) held a seminar on the transatlantic relationship in the age of turbulent foreign politics.

In a world of ’fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’, what do we know about how people on both sides of the Atlantic think of today’s turbulence? Pew Research Center runs some of the most reputable opinion polls across the globe. What does recent polling in the US and in Europe say about today’s international challenges and the institutions we have to manage transatlantic cooperation?  What other global trends can we discern to guide our analysis of international affairs?

Meet Bruce Stokes, Director at Pew Global Economic Attitudes at the Pew Research Center, and hear what recent research and polling offers.

Commentator: Jan Hallenberg, Senior Research Advisor, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

The seminar was moderated by Mats Karlsson, Director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. 



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