The Future of Nordic-Russian Relations

The Future of Nordic-Russian Relations

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) invites you to a seminar on the future of Nordic-Russian relations.

Two of the Nordic countries share borders with Russia, and the Baltic and the Barents Seas also bind us together. Historically, events in Russia have had a direct impact on stability and development in the Nordic Region. Two Nordic countries are militarily non-aligned and three are NATO members which affects their relations to Russia in different ways. Relations were impaired after the Russian aggression in Ukraine, but now three years later all parties seek for ways to improve relations in the Nordic region.

René Nyberg served as Finland’s Ambassador in Moscow 2000-2004. Nyberg left diplomatic service in 2008 after he was invited to lead a newly formed organization for promoting the interests of Finnish industry in Russia, the East Office of Finnish Industries. He has served as East Office CEO 2008-2013.

In conversation with:

Martin Kragh, Head of Russia and Eurasia Programme, UI


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