State, Society and Mobilization under Putin

State, Society and Mobilization under Putin

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and The University of Oslo (UiO) arranged a a seminar on the political climate towards social mobilization in Russia.

Since the 2011-12 electoral protest cycle, Russia has experienced far-reaching changes in civil society organization and social movement activity. What conditions enable or disable social protest movements and civil society organization in Russia? How does the state try to govern society? How do Russians perceive the deliveries and non-deliveries of Putin's third period?

Symbols, Social Media and the State


Pål Kolstø, UiO Carolina Vendil Pallin, FOI Jardar Østbø, UiO

Chair: Geir Flikke, UiO

Civil Society: A Narrowing of Political Space?


Anna Tarasenko, Higher School of Economics, Moscow Geir Flikke, UiO Elena Belokurova, St. Petersburg State University

Chair: Martin Kragh, UI

Deliveries and non-Deliveries in Putin’s Third Period


Pat Willerton, University of Arizona Steven Fish, University of California, Berkeley Bo Petersson, Malmö University

Chair: Carolina Vendil Pallin, FOI


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