Georgia's European Ambition
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Georgia's European Ambition

On April 28, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) arranged a seminar on Georgia’s European ambitions and the challenges involved.

Georgia, located between Russia to the north and Turkey to the south, has for the past decade set out on a declared journey of European integration. In 2014, Georgia signed an association agreement and a comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union (EU). Currently, the country’s government is in the process of finalizing negotiations for visa-free access to the EU.

What makes Georgians see Europe as their home? What are the obstacles to Georgia’s European ambitions?

David Bakradze, State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Johan Engvall, Research Fellow at UI’s Russia and Eurasia Programme.

The seminar was moderated by Björn Fägersten, Head of UI’s Europe Programme.


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