Partners in a New Era

Partners in a New Era

In light of the new security situation in Europe, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) arranged a discussion on the partnership relation between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Sweden.

At the NATO summit in Wales in September 2014, a series of decisions were taken in order to respond to the changing security environment in Europe. Focus is now on strengthening collective defence and building stability with partners.

Sweden has developed cooperation with NATO within Partnership for Peace (PfP) and in a large number of international missions since 1994. As a result of the NATO Summit, Sweden has an opportunity to enhance cooperation with NATO even further through a tailor made program.

How is the partnership between Sweden and NATO developing in light of the changing security challenges? How is NATO implementing the decisions from the NATO Summit? What importance do partners play and how can the enhanced opportunity program strengthen the cooperation?

James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy and NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia. 
Håkan Malmqvist, Ambassador, Swedish Mission to NATO.

The seminar was moderated by Anna Wieslander, Deputy Director at UI.


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