The Dynamics of Defence Cooperation: Possibilities and Limits in a Changing Europe

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) arranged a discussion that brings together international perspectives on the possibilities and limits of Swedish defence cooperation.

Based on the premise that peace and security can only be achieved in cooperation with others, Tomas Bertelman was commissioned by the Swedish government to make an overview of Swedish defence cooperation, its present and possible future. The report was presented to the Swedish Government on 29 October 2014, and is available here.

What are the possibilities and limits of defence cooperation between the Nordic countries, the EU and NATO? What would be the possible consequences of that? Is this analysis shared by our neighbours?
Presentation by:

Tomas Bertelman, Author and former Ambassador.

Comments by:

Alyson Bailes, Adjunct Professor at the University of Iceland, former Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and British Ambassador to Finland.

Kestutis Jankauskas, Lithuanian Ambassador to NATO.

Eugeniusz Smolar, foreign and security policy analyst, Warsaw, former President of the Center for International Relations (CIS).

The seminar was moderated by Anna Wieslander, deputy Director at UI.


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