European Foreign Policy in Times of Turmoil

European Foreign Policy in Times of Turmoil

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) held a discussion on the state of EU foreign policy, as the European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2016 was presented.

Last year saw a series of developments that on their own posed a challenge to European capacity and coherence. The surrounding ring of friends that the EU has hoped for now resembles a ring of fire with conflicts from Ukraine to Libya.

Does the EU stand a chance to manage these simultaneous conflicts and the developments they unleash, such as migration? What can we learn from last year’s foreign policy efforts that are relevant for this year’s drafting of the new European Union Global Strategy? And what role does Sweden play in the making of EU strategy and foreign policy?

The European Foreign Policy Scorecard is published annually by the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR). Its sixth edition summarizes the EU as a global actor in 2015. It measures both the performance of the EU on the global stage, and the level of activity of all its member states, including Sweden.

Susi Dennison, Co-director of the European Power Programme at ECFR. 
Annika Söder, State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs. 
Karin Enström, Deputy Chair of Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Swedish Parliament. 
Björn Fägersten, Senior Researcher and Head of UI's Europe Programme.

The seminar was moderated by Mats Karlsson, Director of UI.


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