European foreign and security policy

European foreign and security policy

Part of Europe is at war. Other parts wonder if they too might be drawn into conflict.

The European security order has not been so fragile for many decades. The need for international collaboration and problem-solving is acute.

NATO has been revitalised by Russia's war on Ukraine. Yet the war has also exposed the Europe's enduring reliance on the United States in upholding its own security - and some wonder how long that US commitment can be maintained. The EU, meanwhile, has long sought a more pronounced role internationally. Britain's departure from the Union was, in some ways, a setback. Yet it may also have facilitated increasing EU assertiveness in the fields of crisis management, conflict prevention, counter-terrorism and defence co-operation. The question is whether the EU's capacity matches its professed ambition to take further steps down this path towards "actorship".


Current projects

The Europe Programme represents UI in a consortium of 15 universities and institutes that are engaged in a research project, Empowering the Geopolitical EU in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans (GEO-POWER-EU). The project runs from 2024-27 and is funded by the EU's Horizon scheme.


The material on this page is from 2023. Previous material can be found in the Europe Programme's archive.


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