Project publications


Hagström, Linus, ed., Identity Change and Foreign Policy: Japan and its ‘Others’, London and New York: Routledge, 2016.

Journal articles

Nordin, Astrid H. M. and Mikael Weissmann “Will Trump make China great again? The belt and road initiative and international order”, International Affairs, 94(2), 2018: 231-249.

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Yennie Lindgren, Wrenn. 2017. “Review: Andrew Oros, Japan’s Security Renaissance: New policies and politics for the twenty-first century, New York: Columbia University Press, 2017” Japanese Journal of Political Science 18(4), 574-576. 

Weissmann, Mikael and Linus Hagström, “Sanctions reconsidered: the Path Forward with North Korea”, Washington Quarterly, 39(3), 2016: 61-76.

Dittmer, Lowell and Mikael Weissmann ”China’s Maritime Embroilments”, Asian Survey, 55(3), May/June 2015: 447-454. I am co-editor for this special issue, which is the outcome of a conference I organised on “Collaboration at Sea”.

Weissmann, Mikael, “The South China Sea: Still no War on the Horizon”, Asian Survey, 55(3), May/June 2015: 596-617.

Weissmann, Mikael “Chinese Foreign Policy in a Global Perspective: A Responsible Reformer “Striving For Achievement”“Journal of China and International Relations, 3(1), 2015: 151-166.

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Hagström, Linus, (2015) “The Sino-Japanese battle for soft power: pitfalls and promises,” Global Affairs 1 (2): 129–37.

Hagström, Linus, (2015) “The ‘abnormal’ state: Identity, norm/exception and Japan,” European Journal of International Relations 21 (1): 122–45. 8 (2015)

Hagström, Linus, “Japan and identity change: Why it matters in International Relations,” The Pacific Review 28 (1): 1–22 (with Karl Gustafsson). Later republished in Linus Hagström, ed. (2015) Identity Change and Foreign Policy: Japan and its ‘Others’, London and New York: Routledge. (2015)

Jerdén, Björn, Security expertise and international hierarchy: the case of ‘The Asia-Pacific Epistemic Community’, Review of International Studies 43 (3), 2017: 494-515.

Other publications

Weissmann, Mikael and Elin Rappe, Sweden’s Approach to China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Still a Glass Half-Empty, UP Paper No 1, 2017, pp. 15.

Rappe, Elin and Mikael Weissmann, “One Belt, One Road in the Swedish Context” (with Elin Rappe) in Frans-Paul van der Putten et. al., eds, Europe and China’s New Silk Roads, European Think-tank Network on China, December 2016.


”Tøffere press og sanksjoner mot Nord-Korea er ineffektivt og kanskje også kontraproduktivt” (with Linus Hagström and Ulv Hanssen), VG, 7 October, 2017.

”Allt bör göras för att bygga relationer med Nordkorea” (with Linus Hagström and Ulv Hanssen), DN Debatt, 13 September, 2017.


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