New Threats to Global Health – and the Role of Philanthropy

New Threats to Global Health – and the Role of Philanthropy

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) programme Global Politics and Security held a seminar addressing current developments in global health.

Over the last few years threats to global health have been increasingly debated. Pandemics and antibiotic resistance are perceived as serious threats to global health and development and thereby also to global security. Not all threats are new. Maternal mortality is one example of where despite substantial improvement over the last 25 years, the global inequality is still significant.

How serious are these threats and what is being done to battle them? What needs to be done and by whom? How can new technology and global health efforts be implemented and what are the responsibilities of donors and philanthropists, specifically in supporting implementation through funding mechanisms?

Amy Lockwood, Chief of Staff, University of California at San Francisco’s Global Health Sciences and Technical Advisor to Born Free Africa, working with a team in Kenya to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Previously, she helped lead the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University and was the Director of Global Pediatric HIV and Deputy Country Director in India for the Clinton Foundation.

Helle Aagaard, Policy Advisor, ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance. Provides analysis and advocacy input for international and national debates on antibiotic resistance. Previously at Médicines Sans Frontières.

Pia Engstrand, Lead Policy Specialist Health and SRHR, INTEM/TEMA, Department for International Organisations and Policy Support, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Victoria Veres, Associated to the Global Politics and Security Programme, UI.

This seminar was enabled by the financial support of SIDA through Forum Syd.


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