Myanmar’s Civilian Constitution Process: challenges, opportunities and international support for democratic transitions

This project explores international support to Myanmar’s Civilian Constitution process that accelerated to challenge military rule after the 2021 coup. The project maps out the formation of parallel governance structures (in and beyond Myanmar) that happened after 2021 and explores in detail the constitutional process driven by civilian actors.

Drawing on preliminary data that include ethnographic insights and desk study methods (covering statements and news articles concerning the new government and the situation in Myanmar, internal working notes, concept papers, memos, and other donor documents concerning the constitution process) this project also explores how bilateral and multilateral donors position themselves to support a process by a parallel governance structure in a fragile setting.

Complexities of donors’ interactions with parallel structures highlight questions of state recognition and legitimacy that have the potential to successfully challenge long-term military rule in Myanmar.

The research is undertaken by UI research fellow Kristina Simion.


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