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EU and Corona Crisis Management
Mark Rhinard is Senior Research Fellow at the Europe Research Program at UI.

EU and Corona Crisis Management

31 mars 2020

What role does the EU have in the coronavirus crisis? What tools are available to manage the situation? Mark Rhinard, Senior Research Fellow at UI, explores this topic in the UI Podcast as well as in an LSE blog article.

What is the EU’s Role in Crisis Managing the Coronavirus? Mark Rhinard i the UI Podcast:

The UI Podcast · What is the EU’s Role in Crisis Managing the Coronavirus?

Mark Rhinard explains the effects the pandemic will likely have on the European cooperation when visiting the Podcast Corona Crisis: Once Upon a Pandemic 
COVID-19 and the EU response: Existential Crisis for the European Union?

Is COVID-19 a one-off? Not likely. Professor Mark Rhinard has just published a new article in which he and his colleagues identify a new generation of 'creeping crises' in different issue areas "Hiding in Plain Sight: Conceptualizing the Creeping Crisis".

There’s no shortage of critique on what the European Union did wrong in #Covid19. But what's a fair set of criteria for judging the EU’s crisis performance? Professor Mark Rhinard outlines some criteria in a recent article on the blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Mark Rhinard is also one of the co-writers of both the Sage journals article: “Assembling European health security: Epidemic intelligence and the hunt for cross-border health threats”, and the blog  article “The Corona Virus: a creeping crisis?” at European Societal Security Research Group.

For the EU Horizon 2020 project BuildERS, examining social capital and vulnerability in Europe during disasters, Mark Rhinard blogs here on how that project must take into account new realities revealed by Covid-19: COVID-19 and the BuildERS Project: taking stock and looking forward. 


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