New book on Mediterranean politics

New book on Mediterranean politics

4 September 2017

Niklas Bremberg, Research Fellow at UI, has written a chapter on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the Routledge Handbook of Mediterranean Politics.

The Mediterranean space, defined by a major sea, a large number of littoral countries and to some extent their hinterlands, is at the same time an interface between Europe, Africa and Asia. This brings complex challenges in terms of achieving peace and stability. Recently it has received intense international attention through the internal destructiveness and spill-over from conflicts, primarily those waged in Libya, Syria and, more remotely, Iraq.

This Handbook provides an overview of the political processes that shape the Mediterranean region in the contemporary context. It explores the issues of crucial importance to Mediterranean dynamics through a series of analytical sections that guide the reader towards a comprehensive understanding of the main regional interactions and trends.

Niklas Bremberg has written chapter no 17. Do regional organizations contribute to security? Perspectives on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Niklas recently participated in Arena Idés round table discussion about Catalonia and its process towards self-determination, see the discussion in full here.


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