Strategic Forum India 6th Edition
Photo: Gabriella Lindgren

Strategic Forum India 6th Edition

Last week the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and the Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC), in cooperation with Vinnova, arranged the 6th edition of Strategic Forum India.

This edition focused on Perspectives on India’s digital growth. Speakers and participants discussed risks and rewards when connecting innovation systems, and how when transforming to a sustainable society, resilience, and local production on the one hand must balance efficiency and globalisation on the other. They also discussed EU and India as partners in the Global Gateway. The EU and India have signed a connectivity partnership, in which digital connectivity is a vital pillar. Digital connectivity is an area in which the EU and India respectively could add significant value, not only for mutual benefit, but also for third parties in the wider Indo-Pacific region.

Strategic Forum India is a by invitation only event, and offers a platform for dialogue and knowledge-building between Swedish business representatives, government officials, academics, and observers with an interest in contemporary India and its growing global footprint. It is sponsored by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


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