Washington’s Old ‘Japan Problem’ and the Current ‘China Threat’

Washington’s Old ‘Japan Problem’ and the Current ‘China Threat’

Do the economic ‘China threat’ today and the ‘Japan problem’ of the 1980s in US discourse point to a problem closer to home?

In her new book, From 'Japan Problem' to 'China Threat'? Rising Powers in US Economic Discourse, Nicola Nymalm shows that the ‘new era’ in US-Chinese relations, that scholars and policymakers have been announcing since the beginning of the Trump presidency, was long in the making. It rests on longstanding discourses on the USA’s main economic competitor.

Nicola Nymalm, Associate Research Fellow, UI and Assistant Professor, Swedish Defence University.

Alastair Iain Johnston
, Professor of China in World Affairs, Harvard University, USA.

Björn Jerdén
, Centre Director, UI.

The seminar is organized by the Asia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.




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