European Strategic Autonomy from a Swedish Perspective

European Strategic Autonomy from a Swedish Perspective

Should Europe be more independent from other actors in world politics? Or is such independence an illusion threatening free trade and cooperation with key partners like the US? The concept of European strategic autonomy has been debated for decades but has lately expanded from the area of security policy to trade policy, industrial strategies, digital reforms, access to critical technologies and – following Covid 19 – the ability to provide for public health.

A discussion with the Swedish Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren, on Sweden’s perspectives on strategic autonomy, how it relates to current debates and concepts in other countries, and the possibilities to strengthen Europe’s role without risking the relations to an increasingly cooperative US administration.

Hans Dahlgren, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs

Constanze Stelzenmüller, Fritz Stern Chair on the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings Institution

Niklas Helwig, Leading Researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

The webbinar was moderated by Björn Fägersten, Head of the Europe Programme and Senior Research Fellow at UI.


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