Prospects for Peace in Yemen

Prospects for Peace in Yemen

The civil war in Yemen has been ongoing since 2014 and the war has led to a severe humanitarian crisis. This seminar takes an overall look at the situation in the country and provides an in-depth view of what is happening inside Yemen and the Yemeni society and to what extend when and how peace can be made possible.

The Yemeni conflict, often described as ‘the forgotten war’, has been going on for almost four years, with barely any sign of peace in sight. It still remains to be seen what the Stockholm peace talks in December will bring to this multi-layered conflict, which has domestic, regional and global superpowers as key stakeholders.  In the midst of this conflict stands the Yemeni people which is suffering from starvation and epidemic diseases.

What are the main domestic and foreign drivers of the conflict? What are the prospects for peace? These and other questions were discussed among the distinguished panelists:

Alia Eshaq, Political Analyst at Pitchn, previously at Berghof Foundation and International Crisis Group, with experience from peace negotiations in Yemen.

Laurent Bonnefoy, researcher at The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and author of the books ‘Yemen and the World’ (2018) and ‘Salafism in Yemen. Transnationalism and Religious Identity’ (2012)

Peter Semneby, Sweden's Special Envoy to Yemen, Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Rouzbeh Parsi, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme, moderated the seminar.

The seminar was enabled by the financial support of SIDA through Forum Syd.


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