“We believe in building bridges not walls”

“We believe in building bridges not walls”

Seminar with Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade

The 72nd  Stockholm Seminar on Japan

This summer EU and Japan in principle agreed on Economic Partnership Agreement which will have an enormous economic importance. It is a way to bring EU-Japan closer, demonstrating that they both are democratic and open global partners, believing in free trade. At the same time, a political Strategic Partnership Agreement will also be concluded. “We believe in building bridges, not walls” says the EU Trade Commissioner. She will explain the likely impact of the agreement and the way ahead. 

H. E. Dr. Cecilia Malmström was born in Stockholm in 1968. She has a PhD in political Science from Gothenburg University and is a member of the Liberal Party. She was Commissioner for Home Affairs before she became the EU Commissioner for Trade.

Moderator: Professor Marie Söderberg, Director, European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics

Discussant: Professor Axel Berkofsky, University of Pavia                                      

The seminar is fully booked.

The Japan seminar series is jointly organized by the European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics, the Asia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University and the Swedish Defence University. It features monthly seminars on Japanese economy, politics and society. 




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