The Dream of the Nation-State in a Globalized World

The Dream of the Nation-State in a Globalized World

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) invites you to a seminar addressing the question of national self-determination in different parts of the world.

Political claims to national independence and self-determination have in recent years gained prominence in many parts of the world. Not that long ago the process of globalization, economic interdependence and an increasing number of global challenges (e.g. terrorism and climate change) were thought to diminish the appeal of independence for non-sovereign regions in Europe, some parts of the Middle East and elsewhere. However, this does not seem to have happened. Instead the dream of the nation-state seems to enjoy an enduring appeal.
Why do Catalans seek national independence and what implications do the current political crisis in Spain have for the EU? How is it that, despite international law, Palestinians’ right to self-determination has not transformed into a national statehood that respects their rights? After the Iraqi-Kurdish referendum, what are the prospects for an independent Kurdish state in the Middle East?     

Richard Gillespie, Professor of Politics and founder of the Europe and the World Centre at the University of Liverpool.
Cherine Hussein, Research Fellow, UI

Welat Zeydanlıoğlu, Editor of the journal Kurdish Studies and the coordinator of the Kurdish Studies Network (KSN).
Niklas Bremberg, Research Fellow, UI.


This seminar was enabled by the financial support of SIDA through Forum Syd.


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