North Korea and East Asian Security

North Korea and East Asian Security

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) held a seminar on the present security situation involving North Korea.

North Korea has been under United Nations' sanctions since 2006 over its nuclear and ballistic missile tests. How do neighboring states, including Japan, view the current situation? Do any viable tools remain for affecting change in North Korea? Are increased and tougher sanctions the way to go?

Sweden is one of the few European states with a diplomatic presence in Pyongyang. How does the Swedish government approach the issue within the UN Security Council? 

Furthermore, it has been five years since Kim Jong-Un took over the country's leadership following the death of his father Kim Jong-Il in 2011. How to evaluate his time in power so far?

Opening remarks:
Jun Yamazaki
, Ambassador of Japan to Sweden

Ulv Hanssen, Associate Research Fellow, UI
Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin, Head of Department for Asia and the Pacific, Swedish MFA
Mikael Weissmann, Senior Research Fellow, UI

Moderator: Björn Jerdén, Head of the Asia Programme, UI




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