Viking Bohman

Viking Bohman


Viking Bohman joined UI in 2018. He conducts research on Chinese activity in Sweden and Europe, principally in relation to the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

He is co-founder and coordinator of the Stockholm Observatory for Global China, an independent research network with the aim to consolidate, further develop and spread Swedish knowledge of China as a global actor.

Viking previously worked at the Swedish embassy in Beijing and holds MSc degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Peking University. 

Publications (select)

"The prudent proponent: Sweden's normative China policy" in Political values in
Europe-China relations (European Think-tank Network on China [ETNC], 2018) with Anna Michalski, pp. 83–86.

Kinas nya sidenvägar: "Århundradets projekt" [China's new silk roads: "Project of the century"] (Världspolitikens Dagsfrågor, 2018).

Responding to China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Two steps for a European strategy (MERICS, 2018) with Jacob Mardell and Tatjana Romig.

The Strategic Rationale for European Engagement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, UI Brief (Swedish Institute of International Affairs, 2018) with Christer Ljungwall.

Mending Vulnerabilities to Isolation: How Chinese Power Grows out of the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative’ (RUSI Journal 162:5, 2017) with Christer Ljungwall. 


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