Roderick Parkes

Roderick Parkes

Associate Research Fellow

Roderick Parkes is Associate Research Fellow at the Europe Programme.

Roderick Parkes heads the Alfred von Oppenheim Center at DGAP (the German Council on Foreign Relations), where he works on issues of European integration and the EU’s role in the world. He was previously a senior fellow at the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) in Paris,  covering European home affairs cooperation. Before joining EUISS, he spent the year at UI for a project on the geopolitics of migration. He is also an associate fellow at the Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM) in Warsaw, where he headed the Europe Programme from 2012-2014 and a non-resident senior fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) where he worked first as a researcher in Berlin (2005-2009) and then as the director of the Brussels office (2009-2012). Roderick studied at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities in the UK, and Sciences Po Grenoble in France, before completing his PhD at Bonn University.

He is a regular media contributor and has given oral and written evidence to the European Parliament, European Political and Security Committee and House of Lords. Topics of interest include European foreign and neighbourhood policy, justice and home affairs, British European policy and intergovernmental relations in the EU.



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