Niklas Rossbach

Niklas Rossbach

Senior Research Fellow

Niklas Rossbach is a senior researcher with The Programme for Global Politics and Security at UI where he is connected to the project "Mistra Mineral Governance".

Niklas current research primarily focuses on strategic resources. Niklas is also active at the Centre for Total Defence and Societal Security (CTSS) at the Swedish Defence University (FHS) as a senior analyst in charge of the area of intelligence.

Prior to this, Niklas worked as a research manager at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). In his role as project leader, he developed FOI’s future studies research, and led the project Strategic foresight analysis, commissioned by The Swedish Armed Forces.

Niklas has a PhD in history from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and has completed a postdoc at the Centre for the Changing Character of War at the University of Oxford as well as authored two books. He has also worked for The Swedish Armed Forces and through his role at FOI, served as an analyst at the Ministry of Defence.

Areas of Expertise

The security political meaning of rare metals and critical raw materials, the defence and security consequences of new technologies, great powers and energy security, transatlantic relations with a focus on American, British, and German security politics, resilience and civil preparedness with a particular focus on conflicts just-short-of-war, propaganda and ‘the will to fight’


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