Nicola Nymalm

Nicola Nymalm

Associate Research Fellow

Nicola Nymalm is an associate research fellow at UI's Asia and Global Politics and Security programmes. She joined the Swedish Defence University as Associate Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor in War Studies in January 2020.

Her research interests include relations between 'established' and 'emerging' powers, critical approaches to IR, IPE, and security studies, and US-China relations. Her previous work has appeared in journals such as International Political Sociology, International Studies Review and Journal of International Relations and Development.

Nicola received her PhD in Political Science/International Relations from Kiel University in Germany in July 2015. Her dissertation project was funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR) in Helsinki. Nicola holds an M.A. in Contemporary history, Chinese studies and European law from the Humboldt University and Free University in Berlin, and a Master of Peace and Security Studies (M.P.S.) from the University of Hamburg.

Areas of expertise:

International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Rising Powers, US-China relations


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