Nicholas Olczak

Nicholas Olczak

Associate Fellow

Nicholas Olczak is an associate fellow at UI’s Asia programme and a PhD candidate at Stockholm University. He is interested in all aspects of contemporary Chinese politics, particularly political communication and international relations.

Nicholas Olczak holds an M.A. in Asian Studies (East Asian Studies) from Leiden University (2017). As part of the project “International Relations 2.0: Knowledge, Memory and Power on the Internet in East Asia”, he is investigating how the Internet is affecting China’s international relations: How is it affecting the Chinese government’s ability to shape the discourse on different foreign affairs issues? And is it allowing other actors to participate in the discussion and shaping of foreign policy? 

Prior to entering into academia, Nicholas worked as a journalist in China and Europe helping to cover social and environmental issue, as well as business and culture in Greater China for a range of publications.


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