Naghmeh Nasiritousi

Naghmeh Nasiritousi

Research Fellow

Naghmeh Nasiritousi is a research fellow at the Global Politics and Security Programme at UI. Her research focuses on global climate and energy governance, international institutions and issues of legitimacy and effectiveness

Naghmeh Nasiritousi is associate professor in Political Science and received her PhD from Linköping University in 2016. Her dissertation examines the roles of non-state actors in global climate change governance. She has previously studied at the University of St. Andrews and University of London, SOAS. Except for her research at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, she is also senior lecturer at Linköping University. Naghmeh Nasiritousi has an interest in understanding how actors and structures affect climate and energy politics and has in her research followed the international climate change negotiations.  

Naghmeh Nasiritousi is currently leading the project ‘Breaking silos – can the EU’s mission approach for climate-neutral cities accelerate energy transitions?’. The project investigates how an innovative governance approach - the EU's mission for climate-neutral cities - can increase the pace of energy transitions. For this purpose, we study two cities that have been selected to participate in the EU’s mission approach: Stockholm and Amsterdam. 

Areas of Expertise
Global governance, multilateral negotiations, global environmental politics, international climate- and energy politics.


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