Martina Johannesson

Martina Johannesson


Martina Johannesson is editor (together with Lena Karlsson) of the Institute's monthly publication on International Affairs, Världspolitikens Dagsfrågor. She is also following the development in East Asia (China, Japan and Korea) and Western Europe for UI's online country information service,

Martina Johannesson has been an editor at UI since 1993. She has a journalism degree from Stockholm University where she also studied political science and social anthropology. Martina Johannesson has worked with regional newspapers and as a freelance reporter. 

At UI she has been editor of the Institute's International Organizations and the Countries of the World publication series as well as the Institute's former web magazine Epok. In addition, Johannesson previously worked as a research assistant in an earlier research programme at UI on human rights.


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