Lucia Ardovini

Lucia Ardovini

Associate Research Fellow

Dr. Lucia Ardovini is an Associate Research Fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Programme, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI). Her research focuses on current trajectories of Islamist movements across the MENA region, with a special focus on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. In particular, she is tracing the organization's restructuring process following the 2013 coup, examining its repercussions on ideology, identity, and organizational structures.

Her research interests include political Islam, social movements, the politics of resistance and state-society relations. 

Lucia received her Ph.D in International Relations from Lancaster University in 2017. Her thesis was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and explored the Muslim Brotherhood’s political evolution and year-long rule in Egypt. She is also a research fellow at the Richardson Institute (UK) and part of the Carnegie-funded SEPAD: Sectarianism, Proxies & De-sectarianisation Project. 

Areas of Expertise: political Islam; Egypt; Muslim Brotherhood.


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