Henrik Chetan Aspengren

Henrik Chetan Aspengren

Research Fellow

Henrik Chetan Aspengren is a Research Fellow at the Asia Programme. Aspengren runs the South Asia Initiative, UI:s platform for research, analysis and expertise on India, India’s role in world affairs, and South Asia. He is also the co-convenor of Europe India Research and Dialogue Network (EIRDN). Aspengren’s academic research concerns politics of knowledge production in modern India. He holds a Ph.D from SOAS, University of London, and is the author of books, journal articles, and reports dealing with India and South Asia.

Areas of primary expertise:

Modern history of India, Indian domestic politics and foreign policy, EU-India relations, Indo-Pacific, Swedish-Indian relations.

Modern history of Pakistan, Pakistani domestic politics, foreign policy, internal security.

Areas of secondary expertise:

Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Asian regional cooperation.


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