Elin Jakobsson

Elin Jakobsson

Associate Research Fellow

Elin Jakobsson is an Associate Research Fellow at The Programme for Global Politics and Security (GPS) . She holds a PhD in International Relations from Stockholm University. Her research concerns international norm dynamics, climate-induced migration and disaster risk reduction.

Elin’s research explores how norms emerge and are accepted at the global level. She seeks to explain the mechanisms that underpin the development of new norms and how these mechanisms interplay with each other. Empirically, Elin’s research specifically investigates societal- and climate security norms such as climate-induced migration, disaster risk reduction, cyber security and transport of dangerous goods.

Elin also has a general interest in migration issues and has created a course on global migration for undergraduate students in international relations and economic history. Additionally, she has taught in international cooperation, qualitative methods and supervised essays in international relations.

Areas of Expertise
Climate-induced migration, climate refugees, international norms, global governance, disaster risk reduction.

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